"Mary was an absolute blessing to my daughter and my family. My two year old went from sleeping at 9pm in my bed and the occasional wake up in the middle of the night for milk, to sleeping at 7pm by herself in her own room and bed! I cannot thank Mary enough for all the hard work she put into helping my daughter and my family. She has been amazing these past few weeks and best of all the results have been incredible! I can’t believe the change and impact she had on my daughter! She is a happier and healthier toddler now!"


"Mary quite literally changed my life! A Godsend!

I went from only being able to feed my son to sleep or battle to get him to sleep for up to an hour, to teaching him within a few days how to self settle AND eventually how to sleep through the night. I now easily understand what he needs and when, and it has made a world of difference. I was so incredibly lucky to have her help and only be a text message away when I needed her."


"Mary was absolutely wonderful! My 6 month old now knows how to self settle and is connecting his sleep cycles. Night times are so much better and his sleep routine is so much more predictable now (which means I feel a lot more in control).

She is very warm and non-judgemental and she tailors the plan to meet yours and your baby's needs whilst incorporating your parenting style. I would highly recommend her."


"Mary is AMAZING! I am so glad I found her. My 6-month old son would not sleep a wink during the day and was waking up every hour during the night. With Mary’s advice, guidance and support, within only a matter of weeks he started going down without a fight for his day naps and sleeping through the night!! I haven’t felt so rested since before I fell pregnant!

I highly recommend Little Dreamers Sleep Solutions. 

Thank you Mary!"


"Mary from Little Dreamers is amazing!

I can't believe how much effort and care she put into helping my daughter form better sleep habits.

Thanks to Mary I now understand my daughter's sleep needs so much better and she is much happier and more settled because of it.

Thank you Mary!"


"A miracle worker! Mary saved our sanity and our family. My 2 year old had been a terrible sleeper since day one and we were at breaking point. Mary met with us, was sympathetic to our needs and concerns and worked out a plan specifically for our family. And I didn't have to leave my child to cry as I had feared.

Within a week I was able to put my child to bed and leave her to fall asleep on her own - which she has EVERY NIGHT SINCE!"